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Ground Control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown,

engines on

Check ignition

and may gods love be with you……

Well I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks working with Des at SLR, working out how to configure our control and monitoring screen. Set up on an iPad mini which will sit inside the drive cabin up near the rear view mirror, this is the device which will tell us what’s going on anywhere in the Bushman. This will be like our Ground Control, giving us cCZone pic cropontrol of all functions like internal and external lights, batteries, fuel transfer between tanks, raising and lowering the bed, turning on the tv and lots, lots more.

There will be plenty of manual, old fashioned switches and buttons located all around but this Czone panel will be a one stop shop, where we can touch the screen to quickly turn something on or off, check to see how many amps are in the house battery, assess the levels in the drinking water tank or let the rear recovery winch out.  

It’s all very clever technology but it’s been damn complicated to get my head around. Des has been great at doing the back end loading of functions and I have been keeping him well supplied with dumb layman questions and the various page pictures. Typically I’m much more interested in how it looks, not how it works! Though I have to say, I have learnt a great deal about what the Bushman can do and how to make it do it!

Inside Lights Page Here are some of the photos I’ve chosen for the pages.

Fairly obvious what happens on this page.




Set up Camp Page

From this Set Up Camp page we can put the roof up and down, raise the bed and extend the awning.





Off Road Driving Page

And from this page we can control the winches, turn on the air compressor and scare all the kangas, cows and kids from the road with the Shoo Roo.



Follow our adventures without any effort!


  1. Hi Bushman,
    How are the preps going? When are you leaving? I’m sure all this preparation and planning will be worth it.
    Hugs, Bronnie xoxo

    1. Hi Bronnie, We are just in the throws of planning our first trip. I’m hoping to post some photos and plans this afternoon. Stay tuned! Julie x

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