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D (Delivery) Day at last!

It has been an exciting and frantic week for Alan and I.

At 6am on Friday 17th July 2015 we arrived at the SLR workshop, bouncing like Eveready bunnies. Today we are here for a basic training session; how to put the roof up and down, how to turn the cooktop and hot water heater on and for Alan, a few tips from Doug about how to drive the bloody thing!

6am taking delivery cropped We pick up the Bushman on a bright and very chilly morning



Then we have to park in our driveway, on a angle with the roof up so that we can load all the gear we need for the coming shake down weekend away.

It’s a tight fit and we attract a lot of attentionin driveway cropped





Stewart and his family from SLR will meet us late tonight so we get away from the coast at 2pm to head South into NSW to Hooton’s Crossing which is just North of Tabulam on the Clarence River. The Bushman was as warm as toast despite a freezing night (reported snow in Stanthorpe not far away) and I even managed to heat the dinner.

On the Clarence cropped


A clear sunny spot on the Clarence River.




Out bush Cropped


The Aussie Bushman out in the Bush.Julie on the front step






Me in front of my new home, waiting for the kettle to boil. Busy, busy, busy!Alan waving croppedlive streaming film Brommers Kiek’n





Alan looking for morning tea biscuits.


2 nd night cropped



A gorgeous spot on the second night by the BooBoo River between the Bruxner and Mt Lindsay Hwy.Tyre changing cropped




For those of you who saw Alan’s Facebook post, this truly is me doing my tyre changing practice!Bogged on 60 psi





Testing the 4WD capabilities, we discovered there is plenty of grunt even with high 60psi road-pressure in the tyres. Though not quite enough to get us out of this bog.



When I can figure out how to post videos on this website (Simon help!) you will all get to see how the Bushman toddles on up that same hill with just a drop in tyre pressure down to 40psi.

Overall we are exceedingly happy with our new custom built 4WD expedition vehicle. Today we  returned the truck back to the workshop to adjust, amend and improve the multitude of minor little things discovered this past weekend, ready for our first big adventure to the Simpson desert on the 1st of August.

Alan and I can’t wipe the smiles off our faces!



Follow our adventures without any effort!


  1. We’re just home again from the Simpson Desert and really loved the trip. Loving the photos – keep them coming! xxx

  2. Awesome guys. Great to see the beast getting out there and dirty. Love the nice detail of solar panels flush mounted on roof.
    Simpson desert looks like it’s natural environment so looking forward to the next installment.

      1. Thanks Tom, It’s the best view we’ve ever had of the solar panels too. Maybe in the future we can justify getting bogged as a way of checking that our roof top is in order!

  3. Hi Guys I bet you did have fun, to put videos on your page you will need to put them on YouTube first then use the embed code from YouTube to place in your article.

    Cheers Mick

  4. Hi Alan, Julie, I’ve just showed your vehicle to a friend who’s mate is building one as well, he’s asked if he can follow your blog as well, is that OK? Terry

      1. We are on the road now. Stayed 60k East of Roma last night and heading to Longreach today. Just had a major fuel drama though so this plan could change.

        Julie Frost

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